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Crimson Feather is split up into several layers of gameplay, and those tend to further be broken up into several themes or topics. These segments can span several articles in this wiki, and due to the unwritten is unclaimed policy, there can be subject-internal inconsistencies. The natural logical progression from that thought is to merge the two projects ("Unwritten is Unclaimed" and "Avoid Inconsistencies") into one. This policy attempts that.


Basic idea

Instead of allowing everyone to edit everything, the rules change a very slight bit. No freedom is taken from the occasional editors - but those who wish to can 'claim a subject'. By claiming a subject, they become its authority, and are loosely obligated to expand all topics regarding that subject and to make sure inconsistencies do not occur.


What defines a theme? So far, themes are widespread definitions. Depending on how many people are interested in claiming a subject as their own, the amount of themes per layer can vary. If very few people show interest, whole layers can be claimed, though do not kid yourself, it's a lot of work.

  1. The Offline Layer
    Anything that does not happen online is nudged into the offline layer. With few characters and players, Crimson Feather rarely plays offline, due to the chance of characters overlapping in where they live being low. However, this is the most complex layer, and most things of historic importance happen here.
    1. All individual continents
      These could be directly used as themes, and have in the past. Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.
      1. All individual countries
        Much more lightweight a subject than a whole continent - pick yourself a country, make a president or dictator, and have fun cooking up its history. You can completely eradicate a country, or create a new one. Or if you dislike politics, consider the culture of the country. Maybe your country invented antigravity racing and called the resulting sport Momentum?
    2. Moon
      There is a settlement on the moon, but we've barely heard anything of it. Strike your fancy as something you'd like to get into detail with? Grab it and it's yours. This has literally never been mentioned in roleplay, either, so you're completely free.
    3. Mars
      The same as with the moon applies to Mars, also.
    4. Other planets
      What about other planets? Yes, well, what about them?
  2. The Online Layer
    Anything that happens online, but outside the Crimson Feather server.
    1. ISPs
      This is an interesting topic I'd love to see someone spend some time with. Right now, most people are on Aeonis, even though they rarely mention this in character (some characters have, in fact, never spoken about their ISP). But there are of course more, just like AOL is not the only ISP today, no matter how widespread. There are global ISPs, national ISPs, regional ISPs, and whatnot - but we have no names, no company histories, no nothing. If this sounds like a good topic to you, seize it, please, it's one most needed of attention.
    2. All companies with a webpresence
      All commercial websites, e.g. Cryopolis. There's probably far too many for someone to want this topic, as it can be expanded indefinitely.
      1. Individual company servers
        All servers belonging to a specific company - for example, what servers does Aeonis have? They'll probably have an eMail server, a chat server, a gaming server, you name it. Indeed - you name it. These are great candidates for topics to be seized.
        1. Individual company simulations
          Or you can focus on a particularily large server, for example a pay-per-play roleplaying game server with a deep storyline, e.g. Atlantis 2.
    3. All private websites
      As with the commercial websites mentioned above, a vast theme, but with an accordingly large degree of freedom on chosing it. It can be expanded almost indefinitely though, so beware.
      1. Individual simulations
        Or you can focus on a particularily large private server.
  3. The Crimson Feather Layer
    Finally, the layer of entrapment. Crimson Feather is a small topic to seize, and it's rigid in that there's little to change about it, as it's so actively roleplayed in. However, don't let that stop you. This is a layer, though, no one can claim without prior consulting a gamemaster - because all changes in it are potentially massively influential.
    1. Future simulations
      This, though, is something everyone can do, and is encouraged. Make up your own simulation, and be the gamemaster of it as it is encountered by the characters in the game. This can be as complex as you want it to be - a simulation is hard work, but well worth the effort. It's something wherein you almost get the guarantee that it will be played at some point.
    2. Link structure
      The simulations in Crimson Feather are linked to each other. Not all interlinking is documented. If you want to give it a try - perhaps even draw a vast simulation network with all ways out documented - feel free to.

However, before starting, subscribe to the topic. That means, please enter your affiliation with a topic here on this page, in the following section.


To subscribe to a subject, enter the following at the end of this page:

{{subscription|Your chosen topic|~~~}}

For example, if you were to claim the moon, you would write:

{{subscription|The Moon|~~~}}

Try and keep the list loosely alphabetical in order. (e.g. "The astral plane" before "Europe")


Subject: The astral plane Claimed by: pinkgothic
Subject: Computer Science Claimed by: BLusk
Subject: Crimson Feather link structure Claimed by: Rehchoortahn
Subject: Dark Arcadia (Country) Claimed by: pinkgothic
Subject: Europe (Country) * Claimed by: pinkgothic
Subject: History * Claimed by: Bay
Subject: Religions * Claimed by: Bay
Subject: Simulations * Claimed by: pinkgothic

* These themes have been claimed, but input is actively welcomed by the respective topic-holder.