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Welcome to the Crimson Feather wiki!

We are currently working on 108 articles*.

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Note that this wiki is intended mostly for IC information of the Crimson Feather universe. If you are looking for log summaries or the web version of the newsletters, remember they are all available on the news page. Furthermore, you can search for the OOC descriptions of characters on the character listing page.

An exception to this rule is the Suggestions for the site page. It is intended for the easy tracking of website concerns and any other wishes that might crop up.


There are two page creation and expansion projects - as the sentence suggests, one is for page creation and the other for page expansion. Both projects are encapsulated by the following categories:

  • Requested Pages: Pages which have been linked to at least once and are entirely without content. Obviously there is some interest in these pages for them to have another article referring to them - hence if you want to make something up, please do. That is what this wiki is mostly about.
  • Stubs: Pages which have been started, but not quite finished. Expand them as you wish! If the information is rudimentary and without factual content, consider rewriting the entire article.
  • And if you have enough time and muse for it, feel free to claim a theme.

Remember: Unwritten is unclaimed - if something has not been written about, you can let your imagination run wild about it!

Major Plotlines

Demona's Soul

  • Protagonist: Demona
  • Status: Active
  • Gamemaster: Kor

Escape from Crimson Feather

  • Protagonist: Carl and Rayen
  • Status: Active
  • Gamemaster: Kor

Gaia's Vengeance


Signing up

Outside registration to this wiki has been disabled as it is too low traffic to warrant constant monitoring of edits and sign-ups, hence this step was taken to avoid vandalism going unnoticed. However, in no way does this mean that you cannot sign up to this wiki!

If you'd like to sign up to add to the history, please drop me a line via eMail, along with your Crimson Feather username, which will then also be your username here - to avoid confusion. To start out here, you will be sent a random password by the system, which you can later change.