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Wiki help

Basic editing help

If you find yourself stuck trying to figure out wiki mark-up, take a look at this page - it covers most subjects you'll ever need. If you find your questions unanswered by this page, ask on the talk page, or contact pinkgothic or Kor, and they'll either be answered by addition to the page, or by creation of a hierarchically related article (if the subject is more complex).

Questions answered, amongst others, in this help file:

IRC help

IRC basics

An introduction to IRC, including some musings about which IRC client is likely best for you. Also introduces the basic concept behind IRC, as well as information as to why it remains popular today.

It does not include information on the services you will find on DarkMyst, since these are specific to DarkMyst, even if they share many similarities to services on other networks. See the DarkMyst help file for that.

These are the kind of questions you can expect answers to in this file:

DarkMyst and DarkMyst webchat

DarkMyst's IRC services and webservices are worth noting. They have a couple of cool features beyond the standard repertoire that are worth exploring, but of course also offer basic services, like granting you the ability to register and control your nickname.

The questions highlighted in this file contain:

mIRC help

mIRC is a powerful IRC client with a large amount of customisability. It's easy to overlook the interesting aspects of the program's settings in the sheer mass of them - this file highlights a couple of particularly useful features.

Roleplaying help

Don't know how to get started? New to roleplaying? New to character creation? Would you like some pointers in the right direction, a style guide of sorts? This section is made for that purpose - not as a set of rules, but as means for those who are looking for help in the one of other topic to gather the information they're looking for.