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Since the beginning of the diplomatic ages in the second half of the 20th century, the borders of individual countries have not shifted as much as they could have. Exceptions to this rule are, of course, regions such as Palestine, which have been traditionally wraught by warfare and contesting over territory - such areas continued to change their political border markings every Saturday - but overall the world has remained the same.

The political power of the individual countries, however, has drastically shifted. Whereas the USA had a strong influence in the 20th and first half of the 21st century, this power was quick to wane, leaving Japan and the new feudalist nation Europe as the new informal leaders of the world.

New countries include:

  • Dark Arcadia, an artificial island, and economic powerplant of the world of Crimson Feather, much loathed by the disciples of the Motherchurch. If you grow up in a country and are told not to mention your nationality unless asked for it, you know something is wrong, and it's not the country.
  • Europe, known in our times as the struggling European Union, which became more prosperous than anyone would've assumed and was quick to unite under one government sworn to uphold the cultural diversity, is now the diplomatic world lead. It is still a popular place for tourism, taking great care in preserving its previously national landmarks.


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