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Crimson Feather is a world set in the near future (2132).

If you've read the first three Otherland books, you will need to know nothing more about Crimson Feather, really - the similarities are striking, and the basic plot is the same. It does not, however, have the same conclusions - book four, thus, holds no truths.

If you haven't read Otherland, don't despair. The books encompass several thousand pages, but the concept is easy enough to grasp.

Your character is a human being - this is not an epic fantasy setting. However, you have almost no limits beyond that what your character can be or look like, for you have the power to give them an avatar, a digital image that represents that person on the world wide web. Because you're expected to roleplay on both levels (your character's 'offline' and 'online'), it can get a bit confusing at times, but you're free to concentrate on one of those.

This alone is no plot. The background plotline that runs in this world is that of a server (called 'Crimson Feather') which no longer recognizes the users on it as regular users - it cannot work with most commands, one is limited to the basics: movement and speech. One can't use private messages, one can't jump from one place on the server to another without finding hardcoded links and, most importantly - you cannot get offline. So, in a world like this - how do you find your way back into reality?

(Note on gameplay mechanics: in Crimson Feather, the plot moves all the time, even if no one is playing - dates in the real world and Crimson Feather are synchronised.)