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This community is a freeform roleplaying community. Freeform? Does that mean no rules? No, it does NOT mean no rules. Many roleplayers used to DnD style roleplay (or similar systems) or those who are new to roleplaying itself confuse freeform with anarchy, even on watching a couple of sessions of it. So, for reference, here are the cynically-spiced-up rules of freeform roleplay:

[1] A character is sole property of a player and no one else
    What does that imply? That means that, as with real life properties, you do not damage or destroy the property of the other player without their express permission. You do not roleplay a "My character takes a gun and shoots you pointblack in the head. You're dead". Always give the owner of the character a chance to react and pitch in to save that character. So the right version would be: "My character takes a gun and aims it at your head, finger swiftly pulling down on the trigger". Now, the player of the character you are trying to kill can decide if, for the sake of realism or for the sake of the plot, they accept that move. This extends well out of combat, mind, as it is just as vile to dictate the thoughts or movements of a character other than your own.

    If you fail to respect this point, that is called powergaming.
[2] No one wants to play with you if you never share
    Or, in english, if you're not going to let yourself be hit every once in a while in combat, it'll make it very, very boring. If not for you, then for your fellow roleplayers, who will be nothing but frustrated. Think of realism. If you're a slow and weak midget and the person attacking you is a giant setting their foot down on you, it makes little sense suddenly boasting super speed and dodging that. You can - it is your right to protect your property - but keep in mind that roleplay is a social exercise and you will be cast out if you will be just plain silly or obnoxious.

    If you fail to respect this point, this is called godmoding.
[3] Have fun
    If you fail to respect this point, it's called being a party pooper :O)
The key in freeform roleplay, in summary, is OOC communication and understanding. Anything is possible if the involved parties agree on it. But if you are disrespectful to someone in roleplay, it will return and bite you in the nads.

If point [1] and [2] seem contradictive to you, they are. Here in Crimson Feather, we have gamemasters to settle any disputes arising about the proper balance of the proper adherance of those rules. But normally, it does not come that far, as long as players talk to each other.