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GLOSSARY   This glossary is here to help you with the vocabulary of the game should you find a word strange and unfamiliar.

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Aeonis //The AOL of the future.

avatar //An avatar is the tangible, often artistic online representation of a citizen. An avatar can be anything if it is not restricted by the server or simulation, ranging from an orb of light to an extinct dinosaur, from dragons to elves, and from klingons to giger's xenomorphs.

Citizen //A term for someone (a real person) met online. There is also the term "Netizen", which was mostly abandonned as the internet became a more social means of communication, and grew beyond the concept of "internet". Some purists, paticularily amongst hackers, crackers and programmers, still insist on using the term "Netizen", particularly as it is unambiguous.

genAesis //genAesis is the result of Aeonis' work on the field of artificial life - programs which do not only further their databases, but fully learn to rewrite themselves based on a couple of loose rules of evolution. genAesis is an operating system based on this technology, intended for use on servers. Some philosophers have argued that genAesis programs running long enough and having no limited capacity to store both themselves and their data could possibly achieve self-awareness.

keeper //Term within the Prophetic simulation to describe a Sifter's bodyguard. Officially, Keepers are always known only as bodyguards or caretakers - however, most people will refer to them as keepers outside of formalisms.

netizen //See entry at "Citizen".

node //A node is a point of reference within a network, usually the far end of a link. Most nodes are entry-only, and only geeks will refer to such entry points as Nodes - colloquially, it is used to describe a point allowing entry and exit, such as a two-way link.

Puppet //A program created to function as a character. A well-coded Puppet will appear like a Citizen to the untrained eye. They range from simple (a barkeeper in a virtual pub) to complex (a guardian NPC to a newbie in an RPG).

Seed //A Seed is a term used colloquially to describe the raw base package of genAesis in it's unevolved, basic form.

server //A server is a collection of simulations sharing the same physical medium. For example, the same computer would act as a server for a couple of online game simulations. The simulations run seperately and don't interchange information, but they are both running on the same computer. The Crimson Feather server, for example, hosts a massive amount of simulations to get lost in.

Sifter //Term within the Prophetic simulation of Crimson Feather describing a human that can teleport.

sim //Short for "simulation".

simulation //A simulation is an autonomous virtual world, where autonomous means that it does not require other worlds to explain it or to interact with it. Picture a chat room on a server - that would be a good analogy to a simulation, except that in Crimson Feather, the chat room would have a three dimensional representation and you would walk through it to talk to people rather than typing words. The best examples of simulations are online games.