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owner //pinkgothic
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status //crimsonfeather
name //Anan
surname //Kael
location //Japan: Nagasaki
birthday //2091-11-19 (age: 41)
gender //male


motto //I think we should play a little game of osmosis.
attitude //Anan's personality is very hard to peg, because it has many facets, very few of which are based on any rational thought. He tends to harbour many emotions simultaneously, making him a puzzle for empaths. All in all, though, one can say there are three recurring models of thought in Anan:

The first is his social mask, though how much of it is a mask and how much is genuine may be debatable. He's nervous and shy when in this mood, often wide-eyed, attentive, careful. In the meanwhile, he has a very distinct underlying malice to him, as though his cautiousness spawned from a deep mistrust of those around him.

The second is what could best be described as 'Enki', the Daemon, because he enjoys being called this while in this mood. Enki is a vicious, confident creature, who's tactic is to wield truths like a weapon and whittle away at people's beliefs and concepts. In this mood, though, he is truly psychotic and should not be underestimated - he has no remorse killing someone simply to get them to shut up, and fully delights in the pain of others.

His third most frequent mood is that of the caring otherkin, which he only exhibits either as a mask to those ensnared by Enki's sharp tongue, or to fellow otherkin. This is where his charisma comes from - it is his deepest layer of emotions, the one most true to him, with the other two like the layers of an onion above it, smothering it quite effectively.
other/comments //Enki/Circuit is one of the few otherkin who would like nothing more than for mankind to spontaneously die out. He hates the species with a passion, and curses the day he was born into the body of one of them. Meanwhile, he does all he can to further the goals of otherkin around the world - and wittily abuses his job as means to research the things he wants to, and find ways to use them for his advantage. He works for Eisai, where he has a reasonably high rank - as he likes to tell Gaia's Vengeance: "High enough for it to be useful - low enough that no one bothers to watch my fingers all too closely."


appearance //Anan is strange in that he has charisma without any degree of classic attractiveness. He's got a wirey, geeky build, looking almost ridiculously fragile, shoulders often hunched casually. He has a narrow face and large eyes - one of which is a sapphire-like blue, the other of which is an equally bright green, much like an emerald. No one's bothered to verify if that's his natural eye colour, but, equally, no one's ever seen him look different, so the assumption is that, yes, it's a natural deviation from the norm.

Anan has short hair that's just long enough to style in a myriad of different ways. Usually, he doesn't bother too much with his hairstyle, letting the strands fall as they wish - the occasional one will fall across his forehead, tips of those hairs reaching to its middle. His hair colour is an interesting mix of copper, a blond colour, and darker streaks. Of these, the coppery colour is the most prominent.

He tends to wear what's comfortable, rather than what's trendy, though he occasionally goes through what his friends call a 'goth phase', and wears all-black, which tends to overemphasise his apparent fragility, and thus tends to be dismissed after a week, only to be gotten back to in a month after that. He detests jeans, though, and much of anything that does not fall about him freely, but tries to hug his shape.

He wears three rings: the first is on the index finger of his left hand, a simple silver without decoration. The second is on the middle finger of the same hand, and has the same width and thickness, but black engravings in form of a snake or eastern dragon - it's not high-quality detailed enough for one to tell for sure, though it seems a bit feathered, which would be in favour of it being a dragon. The third is on the index finger of his right hand and is more of a miniature modern art sculpture than a ring, ranking around his finger like a thin, organic blade, or perhaps an erratic, sharp-edged spiral. It's about as wide as his finger, all in all, though, since much of this width is free space between the levels of the hypothetical spiral, it's no more attention-grabbing than his other rings.

Anan has large hands, which further adds to his bizarre appearance, with long fingers and fairly pronounced joints. Since he chews his nails, they tend to be of an irregular length, though unless you made the reverse connection, you'd be unable to tell they've been bitten, as they keep a smooth edge regardless, and he takes great care not to damage the surrounding skin.


online gender //male
online screenname //Enki
isp //Aeonis
email //circuitry at
online species //Deinonychus bernsteini
online size //419 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
online appearance //A fictional variant of a raptorian, Circuit is literally electric online. Instead of a feathery plume as in many raptorian renditions, wavey metal extends from the back of his neck, electric currents travelling between them. His scales are a wine red colour, with no feathering anywhere beyond his neck, either. His eyes are a piercing blue, streaked with a lighter colour, their glittering seeming like electric discharges, too. His bones are slightly bent in parts, giving him the intentional impression of something like a caricature, large eyes and wickedly sharp teeth matching his exaggeratedly graceful shape.
online history //Enki/Circuit comes online only for Linga Sarira, an otherkin community. As with his real life, his online life is sheltered from all those whom he does not like... and given his ideals, those are plenty of people.


clan //Gaia's Vengeance ( alignment: evil // leader: Anan Kael )


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