ONLINE NOW // none

owner //pinkgothic
sessions //[display list]

status //puppet


motto //You can't take my honour - I don't have any left.
attitude //Patrick is a sceptic, well-grounded in a reality he's never experienced. He thinks with the mind of one who must come up with tactics to survive, though he does so on timescales that match a game a chess, preferring to think before acting. He's hard to truly aggravate, though he will get physical if pushed that far, wielding his avatar's staff with the skill of a fighter.
other/comments //Patrick has come to accept that he's a Puppet, though, in his own words, he's still struggling with being a Winters, not quite understanding what he is supposed to have in common with Blue.


online gender //male
online screenname //Violet
online species //Anthropomorphic fox
online size //176 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
online appearance //Violet has never left his Kuzuhamon avatar, though it's fairly clear that this was not his original avatar - bizarrely, he seems to be in control of it to this extent, which is more than others can say. He constantly keeps his silver staff with him - as it was magical in Digital, it does beg the question if it has kept any of its powers. So far, he's never bothered to test it.
online history //The Citizens stumbled across Patrick after he, thinking he had an offline life to return to, had spent four years in Digital trying to quest - then fight - his way out of the simulation. He had nearly defeated all adversaries at the time of Citizens' arrival, and did not take it well that his defeat ended the simulation - it took him many days to come to proper terms with being a Puppet.


clan //Aurorae ( alignment: elitist // leader: Patrick Winters )