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owner //pinkgothic
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status //citizen
name //Victor
surname //Haasen
location //Varies
birthday //2064-04-13 (age: 68)
gender //male


motto //
attitude //
other/comments //President/CEO of Cayman International, Inc., a chief broker of advanced technology throughout the world. While Cayman Int'l is generally above board and legal, there is a second shadow-corporation that operates within its structure that deals in illegal technologies and items of morally questionable nature. While he briefly lived in Dark Arcadia (very briefly), he was denied citizenship, and now floats from country to country, wherever it is legally expedient for him to be. He retains Australian citizenship, even though he hasn't been there since he was 2. Publicly, he's an upstanding citizen, wealthy and generous with his funds, and running a publicly honest corporation. He has managed to maintain a spotlessly clean police record throughout his life, despite several minor brushes with those responsible for overseeing the legal compliance of corporations. His real way of making money, though, utilizes the trapped Netizens of Crimson Feather. Since, by and large, those trapped are young, single and largely free of legal troubles, he has managed to find a way to take advantage of this situation. Using advanced technology, he removes the mind/mentality out of the trapped CF netizen's body and swaps in the mind/mentality of his client. Of course, this kills the existing person quite thoroughly.


appearance //Victor is 54 years old, with an immaculately combed head of black hair tinged with gray. Lithe and flexible, he has a wiry strength that would surprise many younger men, but he prefers not to engage in direct physical combat, instead utilizing his vast stores of experience with handguns, automatic rifles and sub-machine guns. At 6'1", he stands above most people, but is not so exceptionally tall that he can't blend with a crowd. He maintains a consistent tan, and a regular workout schedule, keeping himself thin, trim, and in marathon running shape. While his favored business suit attire hides it, he actually has several scars running along his arms, back and chest from when he was much younger.


online gender //male
online screenname //Nye
isp //Aeonis
email //ironwill at
online species //Human
online size //185 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
online appearance //
online history //