ONLINE NOW // none

owner //pinkgothic
sessions //[display list]

status //puppet


motto //Now what?
attitude //On the surface, her personality is best designed as an unchecked id, lacking the balance of a developed ego or a superego. (She seems to have them, but not listen much) Basically she will do pretty much whatever occurs to her whenever it does, with not much of a care of the aftermath. Most of the time she rubs people the wrong way with her nearly complete lack of manners, yet some people find her honesty (to others and with herself) refreshing. She is the first to inform someone they are being an idiot, and also the first to admit when she is being an idiot herself. (though she might keep doing whatever it is anyway :P) Her actions most of the time are rather childish and abrasive, and she actually tries to keep herself that way on purpose.
other/comments //Due to the horrible things she has done in the past, she carries a strong guilt complex, and if she feels someone getting too close to her she will react badly, trying to convince the person that she is not a good person and doesn't deserve to be cared about by that person. She resists very strongly if she begins to have feelings for someone else as well, thinking that she will just cause herself and whoever she is beginning to care for pain. (seeing as she killed the two men who have loved her in the past herself, and the one person she actually fell for... well that person tried to be nice to her and be her friend, yet this made it much harder for Sor to get over her when she realized that there was no way she could truely win her heart. Sor ended up cutting off the friendship and leaving, not able to bear the pain anymore. ) A strong lust to feel the joy of fighting and killing things still lingers in her mind, causing her to feel even more strongly that she is not capable of caring for someone and not hurting them. When she succeeds in getting someone to dislike her and inform her that she is a bad person, part of her rejoices in the victory, and part of her agrees with what the person said even more strongly, further cementing her belief that she is a bad person.


online gender //female
online screenname //Soruyao
online species //Human
online size //167 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
online appearance //The first thing you notice about her is a rather large scar that crosses elegantly from under her right eye diagonally down her face to touch softly to the side of her lower lip. The rings under her eyes, among other telltale signs, show that she has not been getting much sleep at all. The shape of her face and chin largely is european, with a hint of asian in the shape of her eyes and nose. The combination of her facial features make her look rather cute, or even childlike, if it weren't for the scar offbalancing the whole thing. She is rather light of build, and very lean. Her shoulderlength hair is the color of straw. It has the ability to be straight and pretty, but it is usually tangled and messy.
online history //She recently appeared on a sim in crimson feather, with a strong belief that she was born on earth in the twentieth century, right before it was destroyed, and that she has been traveling dimensions since then, and that the sim she is in is just another of those dimensions.


clan // [clanless] ( alignment: n/a // leader: )


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