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owner //pinkgothic
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status //citizen
name //Peter
surname //Evered
location //Japan: Nagasaki
birthday //2104-05-07 (age: 28)
gender //male


motto //Beware that animal which does not know it is the most feral of beasts.
attitude //Peter is a quiet and mostly tolerant individual, though grossly marked by fatalism, which has driven him into the arms of Anan Kael. Possibly the most human-friendly of the radicalist group, Peter does not mind humans at all. His issue with them is one as a species, not with the individuals the species contains. He's an observer of the hive mind traits of mankind, and an avid researcher into the subject.
other/comments //Peter wishes more involvement with the group, but as he's not yet reached the formal age of maturity, can only go 'play' with the group when he's done homework. He's not told them about the exact nature of his friends, of course; and since his marks aren't bad and he's never reported for bad behaviour at school or the neighbourhood, his parents, frankly, have not had a reason to ask.

Peter is an otherkin of the 'misplaced soul' variant. He feels very alone because of this, not having a family in the classical sense - and even Anan's group only alleviates this a slight bit, being made most out of reincarnates, or vastly bigger and more powerful creatures. He can't say he's found soulmates in them, at any rate.


appearance //Peter looks fairly plain, though he could probably be handsome if he put an effort into his appearance at all. Due to his lack of identifying with the body he is in, though, he feels no motivation to do so, and picks clothes by levels of insulation - and their colour by the level of absorption of sunlight - from the respective temperature that the weather might be throwing at him.

His hair is long, a dark, copper-streaked blond, and he tends to tie it back in a loose, somewhat strange looking ponytail when he's with Anan and the others.

His eyes are a dark green, mottled with a warm, amber-like colour. When exposed to sunlight (a rare enough event), the faint freckles on his cheeks tend to darken quickly.


online gender //male
online screenname //Lakshmana
isp //Aeonis
email //lakshmana_sarava at
online species //Calypte costae
online size //8 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
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