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owner //pinkgothic
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status //citizen
name //Frederick
surname //Pasquan
location //Europe: Britannia: Liverpool
birthday //2098-08-13 (age: 34)
gender //male


motto //Don't be careful, be immortal.
attitude //Frederick's personality is shaped by a basic darwinism that spawned from his isolation from society. He's used to, from Darkscape times, hunting for his own food and having no one around to converse with but the occasional Puppet that didn't desire his company for long. Despite - or perhaps because - of his solitude, Frederick was secure in himself, occasionally cocky, brimming with mischievousness. Having only learnt to view the world from his own perspective, he's very egoistic, which is counter-balanced by a notable slab of intelligence, which has allowed him to apply an ethical egoism to his life. To quote: "I'm an egoist, I don't make enemies."

His life was rudely disturbed by Dread, who seemed fascinated in him and kept pushing him to emotional limits, puppeteering him to harm those friends he'd acquired at the time, driving him to alienate those he cared for, to assure they wouldn't endanger themselves by sticking around him.

Thusly adopting a bitter and slightly fatalistic air, Frederick's decided his best bet will always be to maintain that distance, as he feels he can no longer comfortably be friends with people (though proves this wrong constantly), and spends his time in the simulations trying to find opposition to the Citizens, to crumble the same from within after crafting fake alliances.

Dread's death left him with a gaping hole in his life, which at the time consisted mainly of antagonising the astral prodigy. He's not really recovered from it, trying to find a meaning in his life, and occasionally, when he's subjected himself to too much introspection, despairing.

He's come to realise that he's not as 'innocent and pure' as he might have presumed around Dread, taking a certain delight in the suffering of others - which, when initially discovered, appalled and disgusted him, as it was everything he thought he hated in Dread.

In summary, Frederick can be said to be cynical, slightly reckless, idealistic, protective, and a bizarre mixture of self-conscious and proud; believing himself not to be good, but to most certainly have a purpose.
other/comments //OOC // This character has been made as a tribute to the musician with the same nickname - however, in no way do I wish to suggest similarity. Of course, I must say, similarity would be quite neat.


appearance //Frederick is probably a touch too thin to appear entirely normal - he can wrap his index and thumb around his other wrist and get the top segments to overlap; though it should be noted that this might in part be because he has pianist fingers - long, lithe, spidery things. His pale skin and like for silken black clothes easily have him labelled as goth, despite his frequent (oft unsettling) smiles. His hair is a shoulderlength black, without curls, and he typically wears it as covering half his face (the right side, to be specific), though occasionally - especially when concentrating on some manual task - he tucks those strands behind his ear. His eyes are a dark brown colour, sprinkled at the edges with something that resembles gold, adding a strange light to his eyes.

He typically wears a long-sleeved, feature-less black shirt, and thin black trousers, equally without decoration; interestingly enough, he rarely bothers to wear shoes, which is in part because his feet are unusually thin and make finding a fitting pair near-impossible, and in part simply because he has learnt to enjoy it.


online gender //male
online screenname //Noko
isp //Aeonis
email //f.pasquan at
online species //Deinonychus kavkem
online size //320 cm (height for humanoids, otherwise length)
online appearance //The Deinonychus kavkem in general looks like a Deinonychus antirrhopus would, except that the snout is shorter, and the talons more flexible than its evolutionary predecessor, and they have a lush neck plume, aswell as a few stray feathers at their tailtips. Nokoraptor (his full online screenname) is a shiney black colour, far thinner than looks natural, but not yet skeletal. His plumage also does not deviate from this (lack of) hue, nor do his claws - his teeth, however, are a pure white (but not unnaturally so), and his eyes are a seemingly pupil-less red. In short, he is a wandering cliché; but intentionally so.

In Digital, a temporary addition that'd been made to Frederick's avatar in Torsion was permanently installed - the tips of his claws 'leak' liquid nitrogen when pressure is applied, much like the mechanism of a snake's poison, and thus he wears gloves to cover his paws most of the time.
online history //Frederick's been in Crimson Feather for a while now - mostly alone with the Puppets. It has to do with the manner he came here, also, aswell as the extended time, that he has no real recollection or belief in the offline world - he has fully integrated into the fantastic simulations within the Crimson Feather server. // Since he's come to see his offline self in Necropolis and Prophetic, he's started to remember, though it is mostly his dreams that he recalls, which give him no longing towards the real world. What he does however long for, is a home, a place to feel safe.


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interludes //Black Wings // 24 June 2120